From Shipping Container to Shopping Container: Now Open for Business

Just when you think the skyscraper residential idea in Mumbai put forward by a team of architects is the water cooler topic among latest innovation on reuse of shipping container, something else caught our attention.

A new development in Albuquerque, NM in the United States, built completely from shipping containers has been opened last Friday, giving a new identity and unique face to the growing brewery scene in the city, according to The Daily Lobo.

The Green Jeans Farmery intends to focus on local business as tenants of the building, designed using similar specification to those designed in California and Colorado.

A new development built completely from shipping containers opened Friday, giving a unique face to the growing brewery scene in Albuquerque.

“The location right there off of I-40 and Carlisle offers good visibility and personality in the shape. It has an individual identity,” said Green Jeans Farmery developer Roy Solomon.

“The Green Jeans philosophy of repurposing and recycling those containers to build the project is right in line with Santa Fe Brewing’s philosophy of using renewable resources,” said Santa Fe Brewing Company President and Owner Brian Lock. “It was kind of the perfect fit.”

Alejandro Albarran, a senior political science major, said he thinks the Green Jeans Farmery will offer a fun and interesting environment for college-aged students.

“What’s really attractive about it is the open-space atmosphere,” Albarran said. “There’s nothing better than hanging out with friends in an open environment that has options.”

Santa Fe Brewing and Epiphany Espresso’s shipping containers stand as parts to Green Jeans Farmery. Green Jeans Farmery is a district of local businesses that have used recycled shipping containers for their construction materials.

Photo credit: Ryan Lotz/Daily Lobo

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